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Earthship, not only a house but a way of life
In very dry heat and dust-permeated breeze we are traveling from Taos, New Mexico on Highway 64 towards Tres Piety. The route takes us across the vast, broad Mesa along the Taos Regional Airport, which consists of a single dirt road and some metal shingled warehouses. Nothing indicates.....
Greenville - The transformation of a city
Each time I visit Greenville, I am surprised about the change of downtown Greenville during the last 15 years. A dormant, lifeless downtown, where shops and restaurants were boarded up, homeless people slept in abandoned, empty hotel ruins and long lines formed in front of the Welfare Department...
Connemara - Who am I, where have I been and where am I going?
The warm and golden light of the autumn sun is lingering on the dark lake, the fields, and the white house in Greek-Revival style which is located further up on a long green slope. The lake reflects the golden yellow and bright red leaves of maple trees. It is pleasantly warm and you can you hear....
Gone with the wind and rediscovered by a prince
The northwestern corner of Georgia is located about one hour drive from Atlanta, but provides an absolute contrast to the turbulent metro area. Located in the foothills of the Appalachians, this is a quiet, rural area with meadows, pastures, gentle ...

The inflationary use of "green', "eco" and "sustainable" phrases in the US building industry - 'Greenwash'
Until a year or two ago the subject of sustainable and environmental protection in the U.S. was only known in a very few but actively engaged circles. Since then, a movement has been spreading through the nation that pours a flood of environmentally friendly products and services into the market and ....


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